Radio Program for neighbouring rural communities by our staff Mr. C. Rajavardhan

Mr. C. Rajavardhan of dept of Viscom has presented a audio lecture on the topic “Cinemavum samudhayamum” talking about about the benefits of tamil cinema to the people living in rural areas in and aroud 15kms of the community radio broadcasting centre, Shyamalavani. The talk about the powerful impact of visual media(Tamil Cinema), benefitting in many ways to the rural society for e.g., The awareness of consuming liquor, Smoking, environmental cleaniness.

Industrial Visit to Sea Blue Ship Yard @ Cochin

ZEAL Association, Department of BBA, organized an Industrial visit to Sea Blue Ship Yard at Cochin on 04.11.2022.  The purpose of this visit is to learn the various processes of maintenance and repairing works and also rebuilding the existing ships.  Mr. E. Tojen, Director – Operations, presented the details of the various departments that is functioning towards repairing and rebuilding the ships.  He further explained the safety measures that they follow during their work. Students learnt in detail on the various steps involved in repairing and maintaining different types of ships and had a great learning experience during this visit.

The students also visited the ship yard and had a practical exposure of the repairing and maintenance work. Totally, 30 students from III BBA were benefited by this visit.

23rd Graduation Day

Subbalakshmi Lakshmipathy College of Science and R L Institute of Management Studies, Madurai, organized 23rd Convocation Day on 22nd October 2022. Dr. R. Lakshmipathy, the Honorable President, commenced the ceremony with an invocation and declared the opening of the ceremony. Dr. R Sujatha, Principal, delivered the welcome address.

Shri. CA. T. N. Manoharan, Founder Partner Manohar Chowdhy & Associates Chartered Accountants, Chennai, as the Chief Guest, delivered the Graduation Day Address. In his speech, he mentioned that the job oriented courses offered by the college would immediately provide job to the students. He emphasized the students that curiosity towards education leads to success. He insisted on developing values like, self confidence, hardwork, perseverance and intelligence. He impressed the audience with the story of “French Revolution and the Three Cook” highlighting distinctiveness of working for wages, quality and contribution.  He enhanced on the point that, graduates should be disciplined which will help them to identify their talents and build their career. Totally, 423 candidates have been awarded with the degree.  Dr. R. Lakshmipathy, President of the college insisted the motto of the College ‘Learning for Better Living’. He reinforced that an employer looks beyond the Degree Certificate that an employee holds.

Dr. L. Ramasubbu, Secretary, Shri. R. Ramkumar, Management Executive, Er. R. Lakshmipathy, Management Member, Dr. R Sujatha, Principal, Dr. K Archunan, Vice Principal, Dr. S Priya, Dean – Academics, Dr. Meera, Controller of Examinations, Faculty Members, Non- Teaching Staff and parents participated with joy in the convocation ceremony.


Minutes of the Meeting

Parents- Teachers meet was organized on 15 th October, 2022 for B.Sc and II M.Sc visual communication students from 02.00 pm in the classroom. Parents were informed prior regarding the meeting. They were informed about the courses in the current semester, Internal eligibility criteria as well as the passing minimum marks, the importance of attendance for the same and overall progression of the class and attendance and their performance in CIA-I. Followed by that, one to one interaction began with the HoD, Class incharge and Course incharges to discuss the wards’ individual progress. Most of the parents asked about the ward’s studies progression and how they can improve more for upcoming exams. Parents were asked to advise their children to work harder for next exam and college will also help them in preparing better for future by giving regular assignments, solving doubts, remedial coaching for slow learners, field trip, experiential and outdoor learning. Third year students’ parents enquired on the Project/ Internship in regard to the course fees, selection of industries, etc., Totally, 37 parents participated in the meet.

Action Taken:

  • More information regarding Internship and Placements were discussed with the parents and as per the request by them, industries will be allocated to each student by the department itself.
  • Disciplinary actions were clearly illustrated and emphasized the importance to all the students and parents were also informed prior that in case of any misbehavior in that will not be entertained and severe actions will be imposed on that student.


Out Reach Program – 11th& 13th October 2017

The department of  Viscom has arranged a screening program on “ Panchayat Union Primary School,Eliyarpathy,Madurai” on Wednesday, Oct 13, 2017. In this program, the television program “ Yoga for Children” , produced by K.S.Subasree and C.Ajithkumar, the final year students of B.Sc.Film and Television Production was screened. The video contains the importance of yoga and its procedure to practice.

Nearly 100 students under age of 10 of school, teachers were participated in the program. The students who participated in the screening session was taught yoga asanas by the Film and Television Production final year students M.Subash, R.Priyadharshini and faculty member Mr.Ramesh. The school children eagerly participated and perfomed the yoga.

 The copy of the yoga video was handover to the Headmaster of the School.

Workshop On Drone Film And Photography

Title of the Session: Workshop On Drone Film And Photography
Organizer: Department Visual Communication
Date : 31/07/2022 Time: 10:00 AM – 04:30PM
Mode of the Session : Offline Venue: Seminar Hall and Ground
Theme(If Applicable) :  Not Applicable
Expert / Speaker Details:
Name: Mr. S. Kiran Siddharth Designation: Drone Pilot
Organisation: Madurai District Clickers Welfare Association
Objective(s) of the activity: 

·        To learn the fundamentals of flying drone and its basic operations.

Key Highlights:

Mr. S. Kiran Siddharth taught the participants about various types of drones and well-known drone manufacturers. He also instructed the participants on the basic etiquette that must be followed when using a drone, as well as how to handle and fly a drone.

Outcome(s) of the activity:

·         The participants now know where and how to fly a drone.


Participants Details:

v Total No. of students participated: 50

v Total No. of staff participated: Teaching– 5, Non-Teaching – 3


Stanley Kubrick Film Screening | 2001 A Space Odyssey

Title of the Session:Stanley Kubrick Film Screening | 2001 A Space Odyssey
Organizer (Department / Club / Cell/ Committee / Association) Medius Coronet
Date : 26/07/2022 Time: 08:30 AM – 01:30PM
Mode of the Session : Online Venue: S-56, Editing Lab
Theme(If Applicable) :  Not Applicable
Expert / Speaker Details:
Name:Mr. J. K. Anubhav Krishna Designation: Assistant Professor,
Objective(s) of the activity: 

·        To understand the importance of Director Stanley Kubrick in the history of cinema.

Key Highlights:

Mr. J. K. Anubhav Krishna spoke to the pupils about the film and the significant milestone as it is and after the film screening. He also described the crew’s methods and the methods employed to take the shots. The event ended with a tribute to Director Stanley Kubrick and his incredible contributions to the history of cinema.

Outcome(s) of the activity:

·         The students were enriched themselves with the movie ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ and its importance in cinema history.


Participants Details:

v  Total No. of students participated: Total – 12[IIIB.Sc.(Viscom)-12]

v Total No. of staff (Teaching / Non-Teaching) participated: Viscom – 3,