Career counseling on “Job Opportunities in Merchant Shipping”

Department of Marine Catering and Hotel Management organized a career counseling program on “Job Opportunities in Merchant Shipping”. An alumnus, Mr. R Navaneetha Krishnan, interacted with all the students (for a total of 30 students) on 31.1.2023. He is a former student of the department and is working as a General Steward for Sea Team, Chennai. He created awareness among the students on the Job Opportunities in Merchant Shipping.  He talked on how sailing is perfect for people who are attracted to the sea. The shipping industry is one of the best fields to build a career in marine catering. Students can join in a merchant ship as general stewards and learn the duties and responsibilities, importance of health and safety measures, selection process, and documents required to join a shipping company. The program boosted students’ confidence.

SLCS-Samaaj Seva: Outreach Activity Rally on “Save Forests Save the Climate”

HEN Association, Marine Catering and Hotel Management and Yuva Club (Ministry of Tourism) conducted SLCS-Samaaj Seva: Outreach Activity- awareness program on “Save Forests Save Climate” among the rural communities of Sirumalai, Dindigul District on 28.1.2023. As part of the program, students collected waste materials from popular tourist spots in Sirumalai and disposed them in an environment friendly manner.

A rally was held amidst the rural community to raise awareness on issues related to climate change. In total, 39 students and 3 teachers participated in this program from MCHM.

Workshop on “French in/for Culinary, Hospitality & Tourism Industries”

        On 27.01.2023, 38 students from the Department of Hotel Management participated in the workshop on “French in/for Culinary, Hospitality and Tourism Industries” organized by Lady Doak College, Madurai. In the workshop, they were given grammar exercises related to French literature and an interactive session was given to the students based on hotel/restaurant/tour package and excursion deals. Students were given an opportunity to interact with the hotel staffs and guests (resolving guest complaints and issues). The students were asked to speak French and assess their communicative fluency.


Adhering to the restrictive norms that curtailed celebrations, Subbalakshmi Lakshmipathy College of Science had a meaningful Semi-sesquicentennial Republic Day ceremony on 26.01.2023 without much ado but with the sincerest devotion to the nation. Department of Languages in association with the Physical Education department made the arrangements for the 74th Republic Day celebrations. The celebration began with the euphonious rendition of the prayer song. The honorable President of the College, Dr. R. Lakshmipathy, unfurled the National flag and delivered the Republic Day Address. Dr. R. Sujatha, Principal, SLCS, conveyed her Republic day wishes with a small message that indicates every faculty should be a role model to their students and every student should possess teachers as their role model. Dr. K. Archunan, Vice Principal, shared his Republic Day wishes to the faculty and staff members. The Dean Academics, Dr. S. Priya, Heads of the Departments, faculty members, staff members and students have participated and showed their patriotism. The celebration came to an end with the National Anthem. Totally, 127 students and 62 faculty members attended the Republic Day celebration.

SLCS-Samaaj Seva – Out Reach Activity on “SWACHHTA HI SEVA– Cleanliness is service”

India’s National Tourism Day is celebrated on 25.01.2023. It was established by the Indian government to raise awareness of the importance of tourism for the country’s economy, which is immense on the occasion of this celebration. Department of Marine Catering and Hotel Management and Yuva Club (Ministry of Tourism) organized a SLCS-Samaaj Seva—Outreach Activity on “SWACHHTA HI SEVA—Cleanliness is Service” as a one-day cleaning activity at Sirumalai, Dindigul Dist, on 23.1.2023. As part of the program, students collected waste materials from popular tourist spots in Sirumalai and disposed it in an environment friendly manner. A short rally was also organized to create swachhta awareness for the passers-by and on-lookers in the vicinity. The people in the village appreciated the efforts made by the students. In total, 32 students and 3 faculty members from MCHM took part in this program.

Registration Process of NAD-Digilocker and Creation of Academic Bank of Credits Number

National Academic Depository (NAD) Cell organized awareness program on “Registration Process of NAD-Digilocker and Creation of Academic Bank of Credits Number” for I year students on 23.1.2023 at our college auditorium. Mr. N. Ramesh, Coordinator, NAD-Cell, guided the students on how to sign up for a NAD Digilocker account using Aadhar number. He explained the importance of Academic Bank of Credits and its application process. ABC comprises the data on the credits that the individual student has acquired throughout the course. By using ABC, the students will be able to create an account and have variety of alternatives for enrolling and exiting the colleges or universities. Around 350 students from various departments took part in the programme and created their NAD Diglocker accounts and ABC numbers.

Field visit for “Developing Entrepreneurship” – Developing Entrepreneurship – students field visit to Ruby Food Products Private Limited, Madurai

Session Details: Field visit for “Developing Entrepreneurship”
Title of the session Developing Entrepreneurship – students field visit to  Ruby Food Products Private Limited, Madurai
Date : 20.01.2023 Duration : 11:00am to 01.00pm
Activity Category: Self driven activity Nature of the Session : Offline
Theme : Entrepreneurship
Expert / Speaker Details: Field Visit
Name: Ruby Food Products Private Limited, Madurai Designation: NA
Organisation: Ruby Food Products Private Limited, Madurai
Brief about Expert/Speaker/Company:

Ruby Food Products Private Limited, Madurai, celebrates the real goodness of nature’s best gifts i.e., fruits and nuts.  Believes that real goodness requires a really good drink to go with it. It all started in 1962, when Mr. Srinivasan desired to create a beverage that he could feel good about serving to people. Selling his home-made grape juice at a teeny-tiny local shop in Madurai, he made his way up to the leaders in beverage market. Today, Ruby basks in its own 5-decade-old glory of being renowned in some of the prominent cities of South India. They have modified in multiple ways in order to match the consumer requirements; such as adopting the latest trends in Processing Technology and Packaging, expanding their reach to cities across South India and so much more. Nevertheless, one thing remains the same, They are stay true to the original purpose: Help people taste the best that nature has to offer. They always make sure that this happens following the best food standards in the most sustainable ways possible.


Objectives of the activity: 

ü  Learning entrepreneurship outside the class room in real time environment.

ü  Enhance students understanding of business operations of Ruby Food Products Private Limited

ü  To understand the customer requirements marketing strategies adopted by Ruby Food Products Private Limited

ü  To know the latest technology for processing and packaging adopted by Ruby foods products Private ltd.,

ü  To develop the entrepreneurial literacy and skill to our students at Ruby foods products Private ltd.,

Outcome of the activity:

Students were able to,

ü Awareness on entrepreneurial literacy and skill which is essential for student’s career opportunities and growth.

ü Ability to know the constraints and prospects of business operations in food products industry.

ü Impart them skills required to become a successful entrepreneur.

ü Understand the marketing strategies and brand building techniques.

ü Students improve their confidence and develop them to become an entrepreneur

Key Highlights:

·        Students have direct experience in know the manufacturing process of Ruby foods products Private Limited.

·        Students interacted well with the employees of Ruby Food Products Private Limited to understand and clarify their doubts during the visit.

·        Students are inspired and motivated to choose their career as an entrepreneur.

·        Students maintained discipline during plant visit.

Participants Details:
 Total No. of Student Participation:            78
 Total No. of Staff (Teaching / Non-Teaching) Participation:         2
 YouTube Links: Nil
  Photographs: Enclosed

“Exposure Visit to Incubation Centre – EDII Periyakulam Horti Business Incubation Forum”) On 19.01.2023

ZEAL Association of the Department of BBA, along with the Institution’s Innovation Council– SLCS, conducted an Exposure Visit to Incubation Centre – EDII Periyakulam Horti Business Incubation Forum” on 19.01.2023Mr. Vasanthan Selvan, Chief Executive Officer, EDII Periyakulam Horti Business Incubation Forum, was the speaker. The program started as an exposure visit and the speaker explained the process of developing a business plan, launching and running a business to meet customer needs and make profit in agri-business. Through the incubation forum, he explained the various types of agri-entrepreneurship and the process of incubation in making farms, nurseries, organic farming, and herbal and medicinal plants. Totally, 50 students from I BBA, 20 students from II BBA, 11 students from II B.Sc. FSPM and 6 students from I B.Sc. FSPM eagerly participated in the program.

Cleanliness and Awareness Campaigns at Sothuparai Dam, Periyakulam, Theni on 19.01.2023

ZEAL Association, Department of BBA, organized a cleanliness and awareness campaign on 19th January, 2023 to educate and promote civic sense among the public at the Sothuparai Dam, situated at the foothills of the Western Ghats in Periyakulam, Theni. Students went to all the areas and were briefed on the importance of the cleanliness of the dam. The public was advised not to throw paper plates, water bottles, paper cups, tissues, and many other unwanted things on lawns, gardens, sitting areas, corridors, pathways, and other open areas that are unhygienic for all of us. They were also informed to make the dam a beautiful place for one and it makes individuals healthier when the environment around them is healthy. Students enthusiastically collected plastic waste, tea cups, weeds, and dry leaves spread over the surrounding areas. The volunteers gathered all of the waste and trash bags and transported them to the location designated by the representatives. The whole cleaning drive was quite inspiring and motivating for the students. Totally, 50 students from I BBA and 20 students from II BBA eagerly participated in the program.


Department of Fire & Industrial Safety organized a training program on “Basic First Aid”. The training was conducted by Tamil Nadu Apex Skill Development Centre for Healthcare from 17.1.2023 to 19.1.2023. Dr. PRAVEEN JACOB and his trainers- Mr. BalaSubramani, Mr. Anand, Mr. Karthic, Mr. Jananayagan, were the resource person for the training program. The resource person practically demonstrated the basics of first aid practices that are to be followed during the emergency for an affected victim. The students felt that the program was very useful to them and at the end of training program an interactive session was arranged to clear the doubts of the students. Totally, 29 students from I, II & III year Fire and Industrial safety eagerly participated in the training program.


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