Best Practices of COE office

  • The office of the Controller of Examinations is an autonomous body with well-defined responsibilities and adequate authority to discharge them.
  • The COE Office is responsible for the announcement of internal, external, and practical examination schedules, the preparation of question papers, the conduct of examinations, the evaluation of answer scripts, the declaration of results, and the issuing of grade sheets.
  • Every academic year, students take end-of-semester examinations in October and March.
  • The current system of evaluation is based on the CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) guidelines given by the Department of Higher Education, Tamil Nadu Government.
  • To make the method of evaluation highly reliable and valid, the examination procedures and evaluation standards are redesigned in line with the new teaching and learning approaches and curriculum advances.
  • The evaluation components foster a comprehensive evaluation of students’ abilities and are designed to assess students’ content-based comprehension as well as their practical application of knowledge gained from the curriculum. The examination processes to access the student’s academic performance are developed and implemented after approval by the Academic Council of the institution.
  • Processing and publishing the results in time.