President’s Message


Dear Candidates and Parents

Before I touch upon my college SLCS, I wish to reveal to you the past that prompted me to promote SLCS.

I was a Honorary Secretary of a reputed college in Madurai that was established long back and that college has produced many great scholars. No doubt that studious boys and girls shine wherever they
are and whatever be the programme they have studied. For them graduation is only a stepping stone. Once they graduate, they grow because of their knowledge, wisdom, skill and dedication.

But this is not the case with all the students. Many students after graduation are not able to get employment because they have studied only conventional programmes and they wander in the streets without jobs. Often they are without any clue to identify an employer who can give them a job. I strongly believe that such students are only forced to become terrorists or anti-social elements.

A close look at the students of that college and a study of the programmes offered by them prompted me to start SLCS with the motto “Learning for Better Living”. According to me any degree programme
that does not help the students to make them employable is of no use to the Society. With this idea in mind, I started SLCS with the programme “Hotel Management and Catering Science”. Since then SLCS has been introducing “job oriented programmes” like Animation and Film Production, to make the students “employable”.

I can proudly say that many of our students who have successfully graduated from SLCS are well employed across the world. I am a frequent traveler and travel across the globein connection with my bread and butter, the daily Tamil newspaper “Dinamalar”. During such travels I meet many of our past students who have vouched for the good quality education and hands-on training given to them during their college days. They are well settled and lead a quality life, at least owning a house.

It is my wish that all my current as well as future students of SLCS also march ahead to lead quality life by getting employed as early as possible, during graduation or immediately after graduation. My team will strive to get employment even to the average student.

We can take a horse to the pond. But the horse has to drink water. Similarly my team will train the students and continuously strive to make them employable. But each student must play his/her part right. They must be disciplined students in the college and use every opportunity to learn.

Success will follow and some may even earn while learning.

Jai Hind