Session Details: Innovation  and Entrepreneurship
Title of the Session : Workshop on Prototype / Process and Design Development – Robotic

                                               Process Automation

Date : 24/03/2023 & 25/03/2023 Duration : 11.00 AM to 4.30 PM
Activity Category : IIC Calendar Activity Nature of the Session : Offline
Theme  : Innovation  and Entrepreneurship
Expert / Speaker Details:
Name: Mr.Sriram Nagarajan Designation: CEO of RoboRam
Organisation: RoboRAM
Brief about Expert/Speaker:


·        Working as a project coordinator for CVRD, Chennai Fire & Safety Department, COIR Industry in the Industrial Automation Division at Dr. MGR Research Centre, Maduravayol.

·        Over 8500 people have been trained around the world, and more than 50 institutions have

·        Invited me to deliver about industrial knowledge.

·        In 2018, he founded his own automation firm (RoboRAM), then in 2020, he launched another venture called “RoboRAM Education.”

·        In December 2022, we launched our online learning automation based platform.

·        Created a “Board of Studies” Council to construct the course syllabus based on industrial requirements.


·        The Nesans, Technical Associate Engineer & HR – DEC 2017 – MAR 2018

·        Shalwin Power, Project Engineer, APR 2018 – OCT 2018

·        Intech Systems, Automation Engineer (NOV 2018 – MAR 2019)

·        DR MGR Research Institute,Industrial Automation Consultant ,APR 2019 – MAR 2020

·        RoboRAM Education, Automation Trainer ( JAN 2020) – NOW

·        Data Bee, Business Partner (MAR 2020)

Objectives of the activity:

·      To enlighten the students as an Entrepreneur on Robotics

·      To learn about Robotic Automotive Process

·      To know about robotics in security and surveillance

·      To analyze and identify the opportunity based on Robotic Process Automation

Outcome of the activity:

·        Students gained knowledge on startup business

·        Understands the working principles of robotics

·        Discover continuous integration tools and techniques

·        Enable Safe sequence tracking enables flexible solutions for human-robot interaction

Key Highlights:

Mr.Sriram Nagarajan, CEO & Founder, RoboRAM, discussed the Scope and importance of Robotics in daily life.  The expert enlightened the students on the importance of Robotic Applications such as, Spot Welding, Materials Handling, Machine Trending etc. He explained how various real-time Robotics technology generates collision-free motion plans in milliseconds for industrial robots and autonomous vehicles. Its solution empowers robots to function together in unstructured and collaborative workspaces, as well as to react to dynamic obstacles the instant changes are perceived. Its solutions expand the potential of automation.

Participants Details:
 Total No. of Student Participation: 47
 Total No. of Staff (Teaching / Non-Teaching) Participation: 04  – Teaching
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