Title of the Session : Work shop on “Entrepreneur in Indian Sweets”
Organizer: Department Marine Catering and Hotel Management
Date :22.8.2022 TIME  : 10.00 P.M to 1.30
Mode of the Session : offline Venue: Training Kitchen
Theme : Entrepreneurship
Expert  Speaker
Name: Mr. A. Ukkira Pandi and Mr. Manickam Designation:  Chef –Sweets
Organisation:  Jeyaram Bakery, Madurai
Objectives of the activity: 

·         To learn different types of Indian sweets

·         To build and extend the range of skills, techniques and knowledge on catering, hotel and restaurant personnel previously acquired.

·         To build current technical practices and create new culinary knowledge, skills, understanding of specific techniques and dishes prepared in Indian cuisine to enhance the food item and the menu

Key Highlights:

·         The Resource Person enlightened the students with different techniques and skills for preparing Indian sweets.

·         In this workshop the students learnt 10 different authentic Indian sweets.

·         The entire demonstration was absorbed by the students on live demonstration and all the recipes were taken down by the students. Now,

·        The students were hoping to practice these recipes and keep the art of the Indian traditional Sweets.

Outcome(s) of the activity:

The workshop have brought about-

·         Increased self-efficiency and teaching competency among those who were trained

·         Understanding different specific Indian Treats and Desserts

·         Creating menus according to specific seasonal events such as Christmas, Diwali, Pongal

·         Maximizing the use of Cook &Chill system in their operations

·         Standardizing & monitoring the food quality & safety in bulk productions and achieving consistency throughout the operation for each individual diet temperature core probe, grill trays to enhance the menu

Participants Details:
 Total No. of Student  : 90
 Total No. of Staff (Teaching / Non-Teaching) : 05