The department of Computer Science(Security System Specialization) organized a webinar on “Time and space complexity of algorithms in data structure” for the students of II B.Sc CS(SSS) for inculcating the knowledge of data structure in software development.

The webinar was presented by Dr.S.Prasanna, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science Engineering, Thiyagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai.The webinar was arranged through GMeet on 24/07/2021 from 11.00AM to 12.30PM.

Our principal Dr.R.Sujatha delivered the presidential address and advised the students that the active participation of such webinars will give spark for their further research in their academics. Mrs.N.Anuradha, Head, delivered the felicitation address and shared the importance of data structure in software development. The resource person Dr.S.Prasanna clearly explained how to measure time and space complexity of algorithms used in all kinds of data structures.

Students learnt different types of data structures used in programming languages. They learned about the difference between built-in data types and user defined datatypes. The selection of data type for the program helps to increase the efficiency of the program. The time and space complexities are also the base reasons for the efficiency of the program. The students got clear idea about how to measure time and space complexites of the program through some real-tme examples. The time complexity measurement was explined for the looping statements like ‘for’, ‘while’ loop and decision-making statements like ‘if’, ‘ladder-if’.

As a whole, the webinar was an informative session for the students and gave a clear insight about the importance of data structures in software domain.

The association members of TechnoFest Association, Department of CS(SSS) made the arrangements for the entire session. Ms.Pooja Shri, II B.Sc CS(SSS) compered the entire session and Nivedha.V, II B.Sc CS(SSS) welcomed the gathering. Finally Mr.Santhose kumar, II B.Sc CS(SSS) thanked the gathering by proposing vote of thanks.

Totally 52 students from II B.Sc CS(SSS) attended the session and got benefitted. Students were given the feedback form to give their feedback about the session.