The Department of Animation and Art & Media Club celebrated “World Radio Day” on 13.02.2021 (Saturday). As part of the celebration, a webinar was organized between 02:30 P.M and 03:30 P.M through Google Meet. The welcome address was delivered by Mr.V.Chenthil Kumar, Head In-charge, Department of Animation.The Session was handled by Mr. Somaskandamoorthy, Former Director of Kodai FM. He has vast experience in the field of Radio and helped the students to get a complete understanding of the Radio, its history, work process and significance. He advised the students to develop their writing skills and acquired the habit of reading books. He, also, urged the students to participate in the community radio station situated in the college premises, which in turn will help them to explore and exhibit their talent. Totally 77 students from various departments benefitted through this webinar. The vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Abdul Aziz Hakkim, Faculty- Department of Animation. The webinar ended with the students giving a positive feedback.