The Department of Animation organized an “International Webinar on Visual Effects (VFX)” through Google Meet on 16.05.2021, Sunday between 09.00 AM and 11.00 AM. The Programme commenced with the introduction given by Mr.P.Kishore Kumar, Head i/c cum Assistant Professor and the Welcome address was delivered by Mr.S.Praveen Kumar, Instructor of the department. The Resource person for the event was Mrs.Janavi Ramasamy, Senior Compositor, ZOIC Studio BC, Canada. She was invited to share her wisdom with audience, who were students in hopes of flourishing in this field. She gave new perspectives on the overview & process of Visual Effects in Industry. She gave her insights from time to time, on the common issues faced by the VFX crew in the main production. She emphasized the efficiency of visualization and widening of the writer’s creativity, because of CGI. She encouraged aspiring VFX artists to be confident in their dreams as the demand for VFX is constantly increasing. She built around the role of future media technologies and in fact, they dissected and explained the various nuances that link the advancement of VFX and its lasting effect on cinema. On the whole, the webinar was very interactive and informative. 72 students from the department attended the webinar.

The Vote of thanks was proposed by Ms.I.Swetha of II Animation.