The IQAC of SLCS organized a Webinar on “Research Article Writing & Publishing” on 12.09.2020 in the College premises. Principal SLCS, Dr.R.Sujatha welcomed the Guest and the gathering. IQAC Coordinator Dr.R.Parthiban introduced the Guest Dr.J.Meenakumari, Head – Research and Development at International School of Management Excellence, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The Resource person initiated the session with an icebreaker. The faculty members were really motivated by the event. She presented her session through a PPT and gave awareness about the writing an abstract, finding out key words and publishing an article.

During the Q&A session many faculty members raised questions regarding the Research publication. The resource person also asked few question to the members about to know the understanding of her presentation.

The entire session went on in a productive manner. IQAC Assistant Coordinator cum Assistant Professor of English Mrs.R.Suganthi Hepzibha proposed the Vote of Thanks. Totally 41 faculty members attended the session and got benefitted.