The Department of Visual Communication conducted “Manava Iyakunar” for +2 students as a webinar on 24.06.2021. A total number of 25 students participated in the webinar. The expert, Mr. Vetrivel, , alumni of the department, went all out of his way in covering all important aspects of Journalism, with the sole purpose of enabling students in joining News channels and taking up media jobs. He elaborated on various topics such as screen face, acting skills, and so on. The students got due exposure on the topics discussed in the webinar.

Mr. Vetrivel also shared his nostalgia as a student in the department of Visual Communication, SLCS and reiterated that he had complete focus on his career even when he was studying. Presently he is designated as the Journalist & Madurai Bureau Incharge in News 18 Tamil nadu, a renowned television news channel.

The webinar was welcomed by the students of the department, especially during the Corona pandemic period. The students requested to conduct a number of similar events in the future days.