Department of Languages and Mathematics of Subbalakshmi Lakshmipathy College of Science, organized a Visual learning program on 29.12.2021 in college auditorium.  In this program I and II year students of all departments of our college participated.

The department of Tamil telecast the documentary films of “Raja Raja cholan”and “Rajendra cholan”. The movie visualized the bravery act, culture and tradition of the Tamilians.

The department of English telecast the feature film “Mind your language”. The students enjoyed the film. The film made the students to know the importance of Communication Skills and the importance of Pronunciation of a language. The I & II year students had the relevance to the Course General English IV, Communicative English I & Campus Recruitment Training II.

The department of Mathematics telecast a movie named “Children’s Heaven”, wherein the relationship between a sister and brother was visualized by the students. They also enhance the Universal Human Values by watching the movie. Totally 550 students (I year 276 and II Year 274) participated and got through this visual learning session.