Department of Computer  Science( Security system Specialisation)  organised a value added course on “Microsoft MTC Power BI” for II B.Sc., (CS) students from 07.11.2022  to 11.11.2022. The  Inauguration  was  organized on 07.11.2022 at 9:30 a.m. in the seminar hall. The session started at 11:30 a.m  with the brief  introduction on importance of Power BI software and its implementation of innovative business analysis automation by the trainer Mr. M. Nagakumar Kondisetti, Dev spark IT solutions, Hyderabad.

The insights within an organizations’ data with the use of various charts and graphs using Power BI Software were analyzed. It serves as an easy way to build personalized and innovative Power BI dashboards and interactive reports. This course served as an approach to integrate innovative methods in MS – Excel with wide range of data sources and methods to extract business insights from various data handling tools like MySQL, Oracle.

No. of students Benefited = 34 (II B.Sc.  CS) Batch: 2021-2024.