Title of the Session: Value Added Course on “Linux Fundamentals and Administration”
Organizer (Department / Club / Cell/ Committee / Association) Department of Computer Science (Security System Specialization)
Date :

05.08.2022, 06.08.2022,                                                                                       08.08.2022 to 12.08.2022


05.08.2022, 08.08.2022 to 10.08.2022-                                                                                1.30 pm to 4.30 pm.

  06.08.2022, 11.08.2022, 12.08.2022 –                                                                                     

  8.00 am to 4.30 pm.                                                                           

Mode of the Session : Offline Venue: Academic Lab 2
Expert / Speaker Details:
Name(s): 1. Mr. M. Madan  Prasad Designation:  Trainer
Organisation:  Falcon Pvt., Ltd., Chennai.

Objective(s) of the activity: 


·        To enlighten students on fundamentals and administration skills in Linux Platform.

·        To acquire insight on Linux Operating System.

·        To understand various commands and scripts of Linux.



Key Highlights:


The resource person trained the students in the Linux Platform and demonstrated various Linux commands and Shell Scripting.

He also explained the concepts of administration set up in Linux. He gave an in-depth knowledge on users’ creation, Linux servers, Network file sharing. The students actively participated in this value added course and got benefited.



Outcome(s) of the activity:


At the end of the session the students

·        Got an insight about various Linux Applications.

·        Gained Knowledge on various tools.

·        Got an in depth exposure to the real world Linux



Participants Details:


v Total No. of students participated: 32


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