The Department of Animation conducted a Value Added Course on “Adobe XD“ for the I year students (2020-23 batch) from June 21 – 25, 2021. The Course was handled by an eminent company “Abservetch Pvt. Ltd” in Madurai. The First Day commenced with the Welcome Address delivered by Mr.P.Kishore Kumar, Head i/c, Department of Animation.The session was based on the need and scope for UI & UX Design for Android App development. Before the Class commences, they taught the students about the installation of software used for the UI & UX Design, what are the problems faced during the installation process were discussed. The students learnt how to develop simple UI & UX Designs for android applications and they are familiar with how to create an app, and run the app, how to display the contents in the text box as simple text. From this, they learnt how to use the components in the app development and also learnt to host the app in various platforms. They are very well trained with how to use Adobe XD software for UI & UX development for the mobile application. Students felt that this value added Course was very much useful for them and they got the idea for developing UI & UX Design for mobile applications. Totally 30 Students were participated and benefitted from this course.