The Department of Commerce (B&I) conducted a value-added course on ‘Health Insurance’ for the students of I year B.Com,(B&I). Dr. Raja, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce B&I, and Mr. N. Arunkumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce B&I, were invited as the resource person and the session was held between Apr 20 to 25, 2023. The syllabus of Insurance Institute of India has been used a reference for this course. This session enhanced a clear understanding of health, health systems and health insurance in India. It also elaborated the various health insurance products available in the market and its features. Students were given a chance to clarify their doubts regarding claims for health insurance. Furthermore, they came forward to discuss the health insurance underwriting process and its difficulties. This session has created awareness about career prospects in health insurance in India. Totally, 80 students from I.B.Com, (B&I) got benefitted from this value added course on ‘Health Insurance.”


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