SIP Cell & Readers Hub of SLCS organized a webinar on the topic “Thisaigal Unnai Thirumbi Paarkattum”. The world is revolving every day and there is no doubt in that. But are we coping with it, is a great question that has to be asked to oneself. Mrs.N.Selvi, Assistant Professor & Head Department of Tamil motivated the students on the topic “Thisaigal Unnai Thirumbi Paarkattum” on 14.09.2020We have many ways to achieve our life and we are running along with the time to adhere to it. Here the term THISAIGAL means the ambitions to be fixed by a person. A student should pay attention towards his / her own ambition. To succeed in life, one should learn to honor person, learn to show the gratitude towards others, work hard towards the ambition and so on. Before concluding the session, she insisted that a student should not run towards the direction instead he / she can strive hard for that. If a student works accordingly he / she need not run along, but the world will turn towards you and all the THISAIGAL will also turn to you. The students were motivated by listening to her speech to strive for a successful life. Totally 220 students attended and got benefitted.