The Students Forum celebrated Thiruvalluvar Day on 15 and 16 of January.  It was celebrated as a part of Pongal celebration. Since Thirukural is sent every day to students to their mail id, in the name of PURL KURAL, they were very enthusiastic in participating in an online story writing and drawing competition. They were instructed to write stories and draw pictures and sent it to the mail. Thiruvalluvars insight brought about in his 1330 couplets or Kurals helped the students to learn virtues of daily life. In total 60 students participated and benefitted from the program. The winners are as under:

S.No Name of the student Competition Department Prize details 
1 V.Shasmitha Story Writing II year B.COM (HONOURS) 1st prize
2 K.Manikandan Drawing I year B.COM B &I 2nd prize
3 T.Vidhya Saluni Drawing I year B.COM (Honours)ACCA 3rd prize