CDC & SIP Cell of SLCS organized a webinar on Teaching & Learning Pedagogy”. Teaching and Learning is a dependent pedagogical approach which is followed by a teacher in the classroom. On 15.09.2020, Dr.R.Parthiban, IQAC Administrator of SLCS explained the variety of pedagogical approaches used in Colleges that are more effective and appropriate in the process. The effectiveness of pedagogy often depends on the particular subject matter to be taught, on understanding the diverse needs of different learners, and on adapting to the on-the-ground conditions in the classroom and the surrounding context.

He also explained about the differences between Teacher-Centered Pedagogy and Student-Centered Pedagogy.  He added that at SLCS we follow the Outcome Based Education which is a Student-Centered Methodology of Education. The teachers at SLCS use the ICT facilities for teaching the students in an effective manner. So automatically, the students will be much interested in the classroom session. Finally the resource person motivated the students by showing few videos from the movies which replicates the Teaching Learning Pedagogy and links the same with the process at SLCS. The students enjoyed the session. Totally 240 students attended and got benefitted.