Techno-Business Horizons 2021 (TBUSH 2021) – International Workshop on Digital Business was organized by RLIMS (A Unit of SLCS) on 23rd December, 2021 at the college Auditorium. The program was organized by “Lakshya”, the MBA Department Student Association. The Key Speakers were Mr.Satya Sidharth Panda, Digital Marketing Consultant, Bangalore ; Mr Ismath Jafri, Senior Manager, Navi Financial Services, Chennai ; Ms Nithya, Business Head, Digital Business, HCL, Chennai (An alumnus of RLIMS MBA 2004-06 batch) ; Mr Naveen Narayanan, CEO, SSA Consultants, Muscat, Oman (Through Online – Google Meet) ; Mr Ratik Kapoor, Digital Marketing Analytics Manager, Media Mint, Gurgaon, Haryana. 367 student participants benefited out of this program (65 SLCS UG Students, 192 Outside College Students, 110 RLIMS MBA Students). The program was very useful for the participants in learning about the digital business transformation.