On 5th September 2019 students from the Department of CS have participated in the symposium held at AAA College of Engineering & Technology, Sivakasi. Totally 11 students participated in various events such as “You can’t see me” (Coding), “Game O Game” (Car game), “Puzzle hunt” (Technical Quiz), and “Paper Chase” (Non-technical Event). The Staff Member Mrs.S.Nirmala Devi accompanied the students and encouraged them to participate in all the events. Students have won prize in the following events.

S.No Roll No Student Name Event name Prize
1. 17239 S.Sri Adith  

Game O Game


3rd prize

2. 17208  

M. Monisha



Puzzle Hunt


3rd prize

17213 M. Vishalakshi


3. 18217  

A. Shalini



You can’t see me


3rd prize