The Department of Marine Catering and Hotel Management organized a one day cleaning activity at Nedumadurai temple, Madurai District on 24.02.2022 from 9.00 a.m. to 4.30pm. 23 Students and 2 faculty from Marine catering and hotel Management took part in this programme and   created awareness among the rural people by providing pamphlets to the people and suggested  them to create Green Environment in their surroundings under the guidance of Mrs. D.Vijaya ,President of Nedumadurai village. As a part of the program, they started walking along the street, collected plastic wastes, and cleaned the Nedu Madurai temples. When they returned they disposed the wastes in the trash cans. Students actively participated in the program by giving their full support and made this program a great success. The people in the village appreciated the efforts made by the students and the coordinator.