Mr.M.Athigopal and Mr.V.Deepan Chakkaravarthy of the Department of Networking along with five students of Networking Department conducted an Extension Activity (SLCS Samaj Seva) on 28/02/2022 (Monday) for the benefit of the students of  Amudham Matric  Higher Secondary School at Perungudi. Through this activity, the school students gained valuable information on the  topics  such as   Circumventing the security of a cryptographic system by finding a weakness in a code, cipher and cryptographic protocol or key management scheme, how encryption is the best way to protect data during transfer and one way to secure stored personal data. The students gained  knowledge on how encryption  reduces the risk of abuse within a company as access is limited only to authorised people with the right key. Since it was a beginner level program,the school students got the basic ideas of cryptography and its types of attack.Totally 50 students were benefited through this extension activity.