The Department of Fire and Industrial Safety, Hebert William Henrich Association and Government Hospital, Reddiapatti,  jointly organized SLCS SAMAAJ SEVA – an extension activity on “COVID VACCINATION CAMPAIGN” at Reddiapatti Village near Aruppukottai on 05/02/2022. Our Department III year student Mr.C.Rohith assisted the activity. This initiative created the awareness among the people to do vaccination and to ensure the safety. They also insisted the people to wear Mask and Maintain Social distancing to avoid the spread of the deadly disease. During this activity the student guided the people about the importance of vaccination.

The aim of this campaign is to emphasize and highlight about the need of Vaccination. The Authorities and Staff members from the Government Hospital render their Cooperation & the involvement the students were commendable to reach out the maximum number of population in the society and by creating awareness. Totally 30 people got vaccinated through the COVID vaccination awareness campaign.


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