The Department of Fire and Industrial Safety, Hebert William Henrich Association jointly organized SLCS SAMAAJ SEVA – an Extension Activity on “AWARENESS ON SCOURING OUT OF SYCAMORE OAK TREE (SEEMAI KARUVELA MARAM)” at Vidathakulam & Virusangulam on 15/03/2022. Our Department faculty members Mr. A. Jaiveer Kumar & Mr. V. Dhamotharan along with I & II year students have conducted the activity.They explained that the tree has deep roots that go several hundred feet deep and suck water from the ground, resulting in water level depletion. Seemai karuvelam does not have a definite height or root length. It varies based on where it grows. The students also explained that barren or land that has not been fertile for a long time is the ideal place for this species to grow. They guided to uproot the hardy species by three different ways of destroying seemai karuvelam. But the only lasting solution is to dig out the root, entirely using machines. There are biological as well as chemical methods to destroy the tree.

The aim of this campaign is to emphasize effects of Seemai karuvela maran and save the ground water. The Village people rendered their Cooperation & the involvement of the faculty and the students were commendable to reach out the maximum number of population in the society.


Totally 2 faculty members and 9 students participated in the event.