Herbert William Henrich Association of the Department of Fire and Industrial Safety organized SLCS SAMAAJ SEVA– an extension activity program on “AWARENESS ON RAIN WATER HARVESTING” at ManaMadurai on 27/06/2022. A Student from III year FIS, K. Nivethan conducted the activity. He clarified to the public that Rain Water Harvesting is the process of saving and collecting rainwater for future use. He explained that water harvesting is very useful to meet various needs like recharge of groundwater, and reducing the electricity bill spent in supplying water whenever it is required. He insisted on the necessity of rainwater harvesting and how it prevents the risk of floods, and drought and also improves water quality.

          This initiative created awareness the public that Rain Water Harvesting is to use locally available rainwater to meet water requirements throughout the year without the need for huge capital expenditure. Around 15 People got benefitted from the activity.