Hebert William Henrich Association of Fire and Industrial Safety department organized SLCS SAMAAJ SEVA – an Outreach activity on “AWARENESS OF DOMESTIC WASTE MANAGEMENT” at Kanjanaiyakkenpatti, Aruppukkotti on 21/05/2022. The II year students have conducted the activity and created the awareness to homemakers about the segregation of  biodegradable and non biodegradable waste and how to store it separately for  handing over to municipal garbage Collectors or authorized waste pickers. Many homemakers were unaware of the hazards of solid waste such as offensive odour, health problems and aesthetic problem.

The aim of this campaign is to emphasize not to put waste in collectively in one dust bin and highlight about health issues and environmental issues related to it. The homemakers rendered their fullest cooperation & involvement of the students were commendable to reach out the maximum beneficiaries.

Totally 8 students got benefited through this program.