• > To offer globally competent graduates with excellent Animation Skills in Computer Graphics as well as in Film Production Process.


  • > To provide a world class – Industry oriented curriculum in Digital Arts Computerized Animation and Film Studies.
    > To offer rich skills in the area of Fine arts, Animation, Gaming, Computer Graphics and Film production to the younger generation with moral ethics.
    > To promote multi-disciplinary culture among students for the growth and development of the Media Industry.
  • > Pioneer in Animation Education
  • > State-of-the-Art Infrastructure
  • > 15 Years of Excellence in Animation Education
  • > Academic Flexibility
  • > Faculty with Industry Exposure
  • > Good Placement Record

The School of Animation and Media Studies provides students with top-tier education as well as enriching experiences that fuel their passion and propel their careers. That’s why a variety of dynamic events are hosted throughout the year, including film festivals, animation competitions, and gaming tournaments, all designed to inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and showcase the talent of the students.

SAMS Cinemania

The film festival SAMS Cinemania is more than just screenings – it is a celebration of cinematic storytelling in all its forms. From short films to documentaries, experimental projects to narrative features, the festival showcases diverse voices and visions of the students. It’s a chance for budding filmmakers to premiere their work, engage with audiences, and connect with industry professionals. Whether the student is behind the camera or in the audience, the film festival promises an unforgettable experience that celebrates the power of storytelling to entertain, educate, and inspire.

Madurai SLCS Animation Summit

Animation is a medium of endless possibilities, and the animation competitions challenge students to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Whether it’s traditional 2D animation, cutting-edge 3D graphics, or experimental techniques, the competitions provide a platform for students to showcase their talent, hone their skills, and gain recognition for their work. From character animation to visual effects, motion graphics to interactive experiences, the competitions celebrate the artistry and technical prowess of the students while fostering a spirit of friendly competition and collaboration.

Oviyam & Animation Workshop and Madurai Game-a-thon

SAMS, Oviyam & Animation Workshop and Madurai Game-a-thon are the events where imagination meets innovation in the dynamic world of Animation and Game development! These events and competitions offer students a thrilling opportunity to showcase their creativity, technical skills, and passion for Animation, Gaming and Film Production. Whether the participant is a budding Game designer, programmer, artist, or storyteller, this event invites all to collaborate, create, and push the boundaries of Gaming and Film Making Excellence. With valuable real-world experience, networking opportunities, and recognition from industry professionals, the Competitions are not just a chance to win prizes, but also a stepping stone to a successful career in the Animation, Gaming and Film industry.

The School of Animation and Media Studies welcomes all aspiring Filmmakers, Animators, Gamers and Media Enthusiasts for the upcoming events. From film festivals to animation competitions to gaming tournaments, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and participate in. Get ready to connect with like-minded individuals, and take the passion for animation and media to new heights. Welcome to a world of endless possibilities and exciting opportunities at the School of Animation and Media Studies.

The School of Animation and Media Studies proudly presents the Creative Entrance Test, an innovative assessment designed to identify and support talented individuals seeking to pursue their dreams in the fields of Animation and Media. Tailored for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, this entrance test offers aspiring students a unique opportunity to showcase their creativity, passion, and potential.

Unlock Scholarship Opportunities

The School of Animation and Media Studies offers educational scholarships to deserving candidates based on their performance in the Creative Entrance Test. This initiative aims to support and reward exceptional talent, making quality education in animation and media studies more accessible to aspiring students. For candidates scoring between 35 to 44 marks out of 50 will be awarded a generous fee waiver of 25%* in the first semester, while those securing more than 45 marks will receive an outstanding fee waiver of 50%*.  

A Test of Creativity and Potential

The Creative Entrance Test (CET) is not just a traditional examination; it’s an opportunity for candidates to unleash their imagination, demonstrate their skills, and showcase their potential to thrive in the dynamic fields of animation and media. The test evaluates candidates on a range of criteria, including artistic ability, creative thinking, and passion for the industry.

Your Path to Success Begins Here

Whether a budding animator, filmmaker, game designer, or digital artist, the Creative Entrance Test offers a pathway to realizing the aspirations and unlocking full potential. Beyond the scholarship opportunities, successful candidates gain access to a world-class education, state-of-the-art facilities, industry connections, and a supportive community of fellow creatives.


Chroma Key

Cel Animation

Animation Dept Lab

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Drawing Hall

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  • Air-conditioned Studios
  • Unique & Focused Syllabi
  • Industry based Curriculum
  • Industry Experienced Faculty
  • Project Based Learning
  • Individual High-end workstation with Licensed software for students
  • Compulsory Internship for All Students
  • Compulsory Internship for all students in their 6th
  • Training Students for Part Time Jobs and Freelancing works (Earn While You Learn).
  • Encouraging and supporting students to begin Start-ups.
  • Inviting Industry Experts as Resource Persons in all Events organized by the department.



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