• Foundational Animation Studies: Like other animation programmes, this specialization typically begins with foundational courses covering principles such as drawing, character design, storyboarding, and animation techniques. These serve as the basis for understanding animators’ roles in visual effects and film production.
  • Visual Effects Techniques: Students delve into specific courses focused on visual effects techniques, including topics such as compositing, motion tracking, green screen, matte painting, and CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery). They learn how to create realistic visual effects that seamlessly integrate with live-action footage.
  • Film Production Skills: In addition to VFX-specific courses, students also study film production techniques, such as cinematography, direction, editing, and sound design. Understanding these aspects of filmmaking is crucial for creating compelling visual effects sequences that enhance the overall cinematic experience.
  • Software Proficiency: Students gain proficiency in industry-standard software tools used for VFX and film production. They learn how to manipulate digital images and footage to achieve desired visual effects outcomes.
  • Project-Based Learning: The programmes emphasize project-based learning, where students work on hands-on projects individually or in teams. These projects often simulate real-world scenarios encountered in the industry, allowing students to apply their skills in practical settings.
  • Collaborative Projects: Collaboration is a key component of film production, and students may have opportunities to work with peers from other disciplines, such as filmmakers, actors, and sound designers. This collaborative approach mirrors the interdisciplinary nature of the industry and helps students develop teamwork and communication skills.
  • Internships and Industry Connections: We offer internships opportunities for students to work with industry professionals on real film or VFX projects. These experiences provide valuable networking opportunities and hands-on experience in professional settings.
  • Portfolio Development: Throughout the programme, students build a portfolio showcasing their best work. A strong portfolio is essential for securing employment in the competitive fields of VFX and film production, and programmes often provide guidance and support to help students develop impressive demo reels and portfolios.

A Bachelor of Science in Animation with a specialization in Visual Effects (VFX) and Film Production opens up a range of career paths in the entertainment industry. Here’s an overview of potential career paths :

  1. VFX Artist
  2. Compositor
  3. 3D Modeler
  4. Lighting Artist
  5. Texturing Artist
  6. Animator
  7. Pre visualization Artist
  8. Technical Director
  9. Post-production Specialist
Introduction to Animation
Animation Art -Practical
Digital Art and Design- Practical
Cartoon Animation – Practical
Roto and Stereo Paint – Practical
Scriptwriting and Storyboarding – Practical
Introduction to Film Studies
Advanced Cartoon Animation – Practical
UI and UX Design – Practical
Advanced Animation Art -Practical
Photography – Practical
Motion Graphics – Practical
Fundamentals of Audio
Basic 3D Modeling – Practical
Texturing, Lighting and Rendering – Practical
Cinematography – Practical
Film Appreciation – Practical
Basic Compositing Techniques – Practical
Media Laws and Ethics
Audio Recording and Editing–Practical
Advanced 3D Modeling – Practical
Rigging and Animation – Practical
Matchmove and Tracking – Practical
Professional Video Editing – Practical
Adverting and Public Relations
Audio Post-Production – Practical
Advanced Compositing Techniques – Practical
Television Production – Practical
Short Film Production – Practical /
Documentary Production – Practical
Portfolio – Show reel Management
Internship / Project

Chroma Key

Cel Animation

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