M.Sc. Visual Communication

Department of Visual Communication

M.Sc. Visual Communication

Our Vision

To create and sustain the conditions in the visual media that enable all Visual communication students to experience dynamic equilibrium and  an unmatched enlightening journey in the field of media technically, aesthetically,  rationally, socially, and individually transformative.

Our Mission

  • To provide a broad spectrum of media studies and enable students to make meaningful career choices.
  • To inculcate visual aesthetics, film grammar and sharpen their creativity in visual language.
  • To facilitate advanced technology and modern tools in the field of vast visual media.
  • To bring down the gaps between the academics and media industry.

Pass in any Under Graduate degree

  • Television Program Producer Media Manager
  • News producer Media Planner
  • Director Media Advertising & Marketing executive
  • Script writer Television Program Producer
  • Advertising Film maker News producer
  • Cinematographer Director
  • Television Cameraman Script writer
  • Film Editor Advertising Film maker
  • Video Editor Cinematographer
  • Sound Engineer Television Cameraman
  • Sound Designer Film Editor
  • Television Journalist Video Editor
  • Print Journalist Sound Engineer
  • New Anchor Sound Designer
  • Entertainment Anchor Television Journalist
  • Graphics Designer Print Journalist
  • Transmission Executive and more… New Anchor
  • Entertainment Anchor
  • Graphics Designer
  • Animator

Visual Communication
Print Media
Publication designing
Professional photography
Story Boarding

Media Management
Broadcast Journalism
Web Designing
Documentary and News Making
2D Animation

Film Making
Editing and Sound Design
3D Animation
Visual effects

Television programming
Internship (or) Project