The Department of Commerce (Honours) ACCA organized an Outreach program Activity at Kuruvithurai Perumal Temple” – Cholavanthan, Madurai under “SLCS SAMAAJ SEVA” on 16.02.2022. We were extended warm greetings for the contribution of our all ACCA Students to the “Sri Chitraradha Vallaba Perumal Temple”, Kuruvithurai. The coordinator Mr. Nagarajan of kuruvithurai temple took the initiative and assigned them with task. Our ACCA students cleaned and did the chores of the work within the temple and created awareness regarding covid-19 to the visitors of the temple. All the students were doing their assigned work fervently. Guru Bhagwan-Jupiter constructed a place for his son on Vaigai River and performed penance on Lord Narayana. Hence, the place is called Guruvithurai-Kuruvithurai. Lord Narayana, pleased with his penance appeared before Guru on a Rath of aesthetic beauty and rescued his son Kasa. Hence, the lord is known as Chithiraradha Perumal – Perumal with a Rath of aesthetic beauty. The students were happy to spend that day at the temple. Though the time spent in the temple was just a few hours, however, they experienced peace of mind and spiritual awakening. The temple authorities expressed gratitude to college management for taking the initiative and helping the students in keeping the temple clean. 50 students of I, II and III year ACCA visited and rendered service in the temple precincts’.