FAGAS, an association of the Department of Food Science and Processing Management organized a Seminar entitled “Next Generation Challenges in Food Microbiology” on 26.03.2022. The resource person of this session is Ms.S.Vishnupriya Preventive Nutritionist, CEO and Founder of Nutricare A-Z. She explained the role of microbes in food industry and enlightened the new challenges in relation to microorganisms in various foods. She gave a detailed note on the emergence of new technologies and its advantages in the microbial laboratories for the food analysis. She motivated the students to get involved in different research aspects in the field of food microbiology as they were the next generation people to hold on the importance of public and private industrial sectors. On the whole session was informative and the resource person clarified the participant’s queries. Totally 26 students (13students from I year FSPM, 13 students from II Year FSPM got benefited from this webinar.