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Seminar on Innovative  Methods  in  Ethical  Hacking

Title of the Session: Seminar on Innovative  Methods  in  Ethical  Hacking
Date:06/03/2023 Duration : 5Hrs (10:00amto3:00pm)
Activity Category :Self Driven Activity Nature of the Session :Offline
Theme: Seminar on Innovative Methods in Ethical Hacking
Expert/Speaker Details:
Name:Mr. S.VIVEK   Designation: Cyber  Security Officer / CEO
Organisation: Ozone Cyber Security Kerala | Trichy, India 
BriefaboutExpert/Speaker:(Highlightpointsfromprofileoftheexpert) ·        5+Year of Experience in Cyber Security Officer / CEO at Ozone Cyber Security ·        1+Year of Experience in Information Security Engineer at Triple Hat Security Lab-Kerala ·        1+Year of Experience as Security Engineer at Mirox Cyber Security-Kerala, India ·        Having strong knowledge in Web Server Hacking in Ozone Cyber Security.
Objectivesoftheactivity:   ·        To gain knowledge about Ethical hacking and penetration testing. ·         To learn about various types of attacks, attackers and security threats and vulnerabilities present in the computer system. ·         To gain knowledge of the tools, techniques and ethical issues likely to face in the domain of ethical hacking and ethical responsibilities. ·         To felicitatethe students to get the job opportunities in ethical hacking domain  
Outcomeoftheactivity: Attheendofthesession,theparticipantswereableto: 1)      Acquire latest tools in Cyber Security Analytics. 2)      Learn about the aspects of cyber security from defensive as well as offensive side, along with the methodologies that must be practiced to avoid various attacks 3)      Obtain the technical knowledge about the tools, techniques available in ethical hacking domain. 4)      Understand the job opportunities in ethical hacking field.
KeyHighlights: A few major points explained by the speaker to the participants: 1.      The role of an ethical hacker and the identified vulnerabilities to the organization were clearly explained. 2.      The key concepts of all vulnerabilities, types of hackers and various types of defensive and offensive hacking were demonstrated. 3.      The students gained knowledge about the white hat, black hat and gray hat hackers. 4.      The students were explained about the importance of scripting languages and the functionalities of all layers in OSI model in networking concept.  
Participants Details:
Total No. of Student Participation:75
Total No. of Staff (Teaching/Non-Teaching)Participation:5
YouTube Links: nil

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