On 17th February, 2016, Dr. Anil Maheswari, Professor in School of Computer science,  Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada gave a lecture on “ALGORITHMS” in Subbalakshmi Lakshmipathy College of Science, Madurai.

He gave a talk on Algorithms and detailed explanation about sorting,searching.The participants were B.Sc Computer Science ,B.Sc IT & B.Sc Networking students of SLCS and B.E Nautical Science cadets of RLINS.

He also explained the admission procedure followed by the Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.Normally the university admits the PG degree course (i.e) M.Sc CS to the students who have completed 4 years degree programme.

And in the process of selection,universities in the United States of  America prefer those students who have good communication  and  leadership skills.

Principal RLINS Mr. M.Subramaniam, Management Executive Shri. R.Ramkumar, Mr. Subash Chandra Nandy and Principal SLCS Dr. R.L.Ramnath are keenly observing the programme.