On behalf of Networking Department, Mr.M.Athigopal, Mr.V.Deepan Chakkaravarthy and Ms.T.Shunmugapriya along with the students of I Year Networking visited Pandiyan Saraswathy Yadav  Engineering  College Incubation Center at Sivagangi on 23rd May, 2022 from11:00am to 3:00pm. The objective behind this visit was to make the students understand the concept of incubation center,see the facilities provided by such centers, understand the various prototypes of business models, their operations and change perceptions from seeking job to creating the job.

            SLCS team met Mr, Arun Arjunan Incubation Center Facilitator, discussed the role of  Incubation Centre in providing the orientation, training and development, mentoring, getting patent rights, and commercialization of the product etc,. He explained various sources for business creation such as production of e-Bike,e-Cycle, 3D Printer, Transchair and Solar train trolley . The centre is established in a 2500 square feet of land having a dedicated area with access to shared office infrastructure,Wi-Fi,Conference facilities,auditorium and ample parking space. The students were also given insightful information and demonstration on the basic accounting and managerial techniques adopted for the businesses that have been recently incubated by the center and how they are financed. Many  school and college students  in and around Arasanoor are working at the centre on their innovations. They shared their ideas and inspired our team. The team  had also an opportunity for one to one discussion with many budding entrepreneurs.Totally 10 students were benefitted by this visit.