Session Details: Rally on Women Safety and Welfare
Title of the Session    : Rally on Women Safety and Welfare
Organizer Department B.Com ( Banking and Insurance)
Date                           :  22.07.2022 Time    :     08.30 am to 09.30am
Mode of the Session :  Offline Venue  :     Nedumadurai Village
Theme                       :  Awareness Rally on Women Safety and Welfare
Organization: Subbalakshmi Lakshmipathy College of Science.
Objective(s) of the activity: 

v  The prime objective of the rally is to empower women and spread awareness on women’s safety.

v  To create awareness about the importance of women’s education.

v  To spread awareness about increasing women harassment.

Key Highlights:

v  ‘An Awareness Rally on Women Safety and Welfare’ was organized by Department of Commerce (B&I) and Vishaka Committee of SLCS.

v  The rally carried out at Nedumadurai Village.

v  Totally, 60 students from III B.Com (Banking and Insurance)   participated in the rally with posters and placards with messages about women safety and importance of women education slogans.

v  On behalf of Vishaka Committee Mrs. N Selvi, Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Tamil and Ms. S. Neela, Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Hindi handled the session on Women Safety and Welfare for the students of III B.Com (Banking and Insurance).

v  Students insisted that women have the right to be free from violence, harassment and discrimination and removing the barriers of an unsafe environment.

Outcome(s) of the activity:

ü  The beneficiaries (Village People) had awareness on Women Safety, Welfare and also on Women Education.

ü  The village people in and around Nedumadurai village appreciated the students about the rally on Women Safety and Welfare.

ü  This program helped to fulfill the potential as individuals and contributors for communities and economies among the students.

Participants Details:

Total No. of students participated: 60

Total No. of staff (Teaching) participated: 4