2017      Miss M. Preethaof III year Film and Television Production had participated and presented lectures on the Topic of “Tour and travel” in Shyamalavani CR 90.4, A Community Radio for the people, by the people and of the people. The programs are presented for the community people living in and around radius 15kms from the Shyamalavani 90.4.  The program titles as follows:

  1. AnubavamPudhumai :

Detail –

This Program deals with the Tourist places in and around India. And their importance regarding the place, tourist who are new to India as well as Indians who are interested to travel to these places. This Program contains of four episodes.

  1. SinthanaiSiragu :

Detail –

This program consists of Short stories and their morals. The children in and around the Syhamalavani Community radio 90.4 liked program. The Nearby villages benefited through this program.