The department of Animation & DIRA Studios, Netherland jointly organized a Creative Mind competition for the Students of Animation Department. The Prize Winning Programme Ceremonywas conducted virtually on 09.06.2021 between 02.00 PM and 03.00 PM. The Programme commenced with a welcome address by Mr.S.Praveen Kumar, Instructor-Animation. The main aim of the event was explained by Mr. Kishore Kumar, Head i/c, Department of Animation and the felicitation address was delivered by Dr.S.Priya, Dean-Academics. The Presidential Address was given by Dr.R.Sujatha, Principal, SLCS. The specialinvitee, Mr. Raj Thilak Ramachandhranfrom DIRA Studios,Netherland who created awareness among the students who can better opportunities and career progress after completing this much reputed programme.

The Contest was conducted in two categories – Comic Strip and Motion Poster. The main aim of this event is to identify and enhance the hidden talents of the students. The winners of the competition were announced by the respected Principal,Dr.R.Sujatha. She congratulated the students who took coveted prizes in the creative mind competition held virtually. The winners were Mr.Sandeep Raj for Motion Poster and Mr.Pavethran for Comic Strip from III year Animation. The Students were gifted with the Wacom Graphic Tablet, which is an essential accessory for the animators. The Students thanked the department and the DIRA Studios for organizing such an excellent programmes which encouraged them to do their best in the competition.The programme helped in bringing out the skills of the students in this domain.Around 60 students benefitted from this programme.