Peer Teaching facilitates the students to share their knowledge with their peer mates. Mr.S.R.Aathithyan (Roll No : 20240) & Mr.M.Sakthivel(Roll No : 20225) from II B.Sc CS (SSS) shared their knowledge about “Google colab” on 06/09/2021 from 01.05 pm to 01.30pm. Google Colab is nothing but a web IDE. It allows us to write and execute arbitrary python code through the browser, and it is suitable to machine learning, data analysis and education. It is an excellent tool to implement all kinds of machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

They handled the session for the course Python Programming Lab (Course Code : 20CS306P). The students explained how to do python programming by using colab with some demonstration.  The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which is used for editing, compiling and executing the python code was explained by them in colab. They also elucidated that google colab provides an environment with Graphics Processing Unit(GPU) to execute all complex machine learning algorithms. The face detection algorithm in Machine learning was demonstrated by them. Totally 47 students from II B.Sc CS(SSS) got benefitted from this peer teaching session.

After the peer teaching session, all the students were instructed to write a python program to find out the factorial value of given number by using google colab environment.


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