The South Indian Chef Association organized a National workshop on “Pastry Art & Hot Plate Presentation” at the Marriott Hotel in Cochin, Kerala, on 14.08.2023. Final-year students Akash R, Gokul R, Kasinathan A, Chandran K, Divyadharsan A, Samuel M, Jeevanandham SP, along with faculty member Mr. E. Jacob Jebarai, participated in the workshop. Chef Dimuthu Kumarasinghe, President of the Chefs Guild of Lanka, was invited as the chief guest. He spoke about plate presentation as the final step that showcases culinary creations. Often overlooked or treated as an afterthought, plate presentation should emphasize the food’s quality and preparation techniques while engaging the diner’s senses. Effective plating should be simple enough to execute on a busy night, while still being stylish and visually appealing to the guests. By the end of the session, students received hands-on instruction on how to present both plates and pastries. This workshop provided significant motivation and encouragement to the students, resulting in a memorable experience for all.