PTA meet was organized by the Department of B.Com (B & I) for the I & II year  students on 25.03.2023. Mrs. Nithya Kalyani & Mr. V. Sivasubramanian, Assistant Professors, B.Com B&I, arranged PTA meet for I year students. Mr. N.  Arunkumar, Assistant Professor, B.Com B&I, arranged for II year students. The main aim of the meeting was to create a common platform where teachers and parents come together and discuss the issues related to the student’s progress and ways to enrich their learning experience.

During the meeting, the following points were discussed.

  • The progress report of the student’s academic performance in the CIA-I was briefed to parents and received their valuable feedback.
  • There was a very good interaction between the parents and teachers for the development of their wards and discussed the important matters, both strengths and areas of improvements.
  • Attendance report of each student is shown to their parents from January to February 2023.
  • Parents were encouraged to motivate students’ participation in the Capshine.
  • Feedback regarding the course were collected from the students.


S.No Class Total No of students No.of Present  No. Of Absent
1 I Year 81 73 08
2 II Year 78 71 07