The Department of Food Science and Processing Management organized an Online Parents Teachers Meeting for the II& III year Students on 09.09.2021 through google meet ( The main objective of this meeting is to create a common platform, where Teachers and Parents join together to discuss student’s performance in CIA-I and devise ways to enrich their learning experience. Usually this happens by meeting each other in our premises. This time it was arranged on a digital platform like Google Meet. Around 26 parents participated in the 1st Parent Teachers Meeting of this academic year. Parents became aware of the institute’s rules and regulations, methodologies of teaching & learning for the overall welfare of the students. Parents were encouraged to appreciate student’s participation in all the academic activities. The students are advised to use an N-list for the assignment preparation and also suggested to read a lot of English news paper to improve their vocabulary. Most of the parents questioned about the placement opportunities and internship in the next semester and also they requested us to make some necessary arrangements for the same The Parent- Teachers Meeting came to an end with the conclusion that the progress and development of the students depend on the joint efforts of parents and teachers.