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Outreach Program (SLCS Samaaj Seva) on “Be Part of the Solution, Not the Pollution”

Title of the Session: Outreach Program (SLCS Samaaj Seva) on “Be Part of the Solution, Not the Pollution
Organizer : Department Food Science and Processing Management
Date : 17.08.2022 Time:10.00am-12.00pm
Mode of the Session : Physical Venue: Town Hall Road , Madurai
Theme:  Plastic Free Environment
Objective(s) of the activity: 

Ø To enable the students to examine the role of product packaging and resources.

Ø To identify the packaging materials and its hazards.

Key Highlights:

Ø The main aim of “Anti-Plastic Abhiyan” is to create awareness on banned single use plastic products among the sellers and buyers in order to protect the environment from the harmful effect caused by the same.

Ø Created awareness among the people to avoid plastic use and start using Paper Straws and Cloth Carry Bag.

Ø The students spread awareness not only on the harmful effects of plastic but also the effects of chemicals present in it and added to that they insisted, bottles can also cause health hazards.

Ø They encouraged the benefits of using eco-friendly products in order to reduce the pollution.

Outcome(s) of the activity:

Students were able to;

Ø  Inculcate eco-consciousness among the young generation which would contribute to the benefit of the society for healthy life.

Ø Make the people aware on the limitations of different packaging materials, when it comes to direct contact with various food items.

Participants Details:

v Total No. of students participated: 13


v Total No. of  beneficiaries: 20



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