On behalf of Department of CS & IT, orientation programme has been conducted on 02.07.2018 at 08.50 AM in Seminar Hall for I B.Sc CS (SSS) ‘A’ & I B.Sc CS (SSS) ‘B’ students. Our department coordinator Mrs.N.Anuradha introduced the subjects which they are going to study in I semester. Also she introduced all the department faculty members to them. Our coordinator instructed all students to follow the college rules and come to the college in proper dress code & grooming. Few students from II year & III year shared the resources available in the department to their juniors for enhancing their studies. Representatives have been selected for both classes. II year & III year representatives instructed the duties of representatives to them. G.Divya Bharathi of III B.Sc CS shared the importance of notice board and motivated the students to prepare contents for notice board regularly. T.Vigneshwaran of  III B.Sc CS motivated the students to be updated in Computer field apart from studies to excel in their career. M.Selva Revathi of  II B.Sc CS (SSS) advised the students to obey the instructions given by staff members to perform well in their studies. K.K.Rajasree of III B.Sc CS shared her experience about online certification. S.Shahosan of III B.Sc CS motivated the students to join in NSS to involve in social activities.