National Seminar on Recent Trends in Media

The Department of Visual Communication has organized a “National Seminar on Recent Trends in Media” on Monday, Dec18, 2017. This seminar highlighted the challenges and advantages in recent days in media. Dr.P.Saravanan principal, SLCS delivered the presidential addresses for the National seminar.

      Dr.K.Karnamaharajan Head-CFEMS, MKU and Mr.Danapal, Dy.Chief Manager & Metro Suboffice Head, Times of India, Madurai were chief guests for the seminar. Dr.Karnamaharajan stated that the development of media is so tremendous then ever so the students of media should get involved in the wide area of media research, and media students should have a sense of social responsibility.

Mr.Dhanapal spoke about various evolutions and technological developments in print media from 2000 to 2017.

The primary goal of the seminar is to promote research and development activities in the field of Media and communication. The seminar brought Academicians, and Research Scholars around the Nation to a common platform and had brainstorming sessions on the current trends and latest innovative research being carried out in the areas of Print and Visual Media

More than 50 scholars presented diverse papers and 200 students around the Nation participated in the National seminar. The proceedings of the seminar will be published which will bring out different valuable findings and conclusions in the broad field and also provide recommendation for further new arenas in research.

Mr.Raghu Kalidasan, Asst Professor gives welcome speech, Mr.C.Manikandan, Head of the Department, the staff members and M.Sc. final year students have organized this Seminar.