To commemorate the World Consumer Rights Day the Department of Food Science and Processing Management organized a seminar on “Consumer awareness on Food Safety and Health” on 21-03-2022 at 3.30 pm in the SLCS auditorium. The resource person of this seminar was Mr.M.N.Sundar ,the Organizing Secretary , Akhil Bharathiya Grahak Panchayat explained the food safety in relation to health and also enlightened the students about how to determine the adulterants used in food and avoid such  foods in future for the safety of the students’ health.  The session was interactive and the resource persons answered the participants’ queries. On behalf of the college, the Principal has received an award and a certificate from Akil Bharthiya Grahak Panchayat .Totally 132 students (26 students from FSPM ,18 students from MCHM, 27 students from BBA and 61 students from  B Com B&I got benefited through this webinar.