Session Details: Innovation  and Entrepreneurship
Title of the Session : Mentoring Session on Lean Startup and Minimum Viable

                              Product /Business  

Date : 29/08/2022 Duration : 10.00AM to 1.30 PM
Activity Category : IIC Calendar Activity Nature of the Session : Physical
Theme  : Innovation  and Entrepreneurship
Expert / Speaker Details:
Name: Mr. R.Sankaralakshman Designation: Technical Trainer
Organisation: Freelancer
Brief about Expert/Speaker:


Educational Qualification:

Completed MBA (Finance)



·         Supporting the students for final year projects in web designing data science and data analyst

·         Over 500 students have been trained over online and offline platforms and got placed in various companies and government organization

·         Created a “Career Development centre” to guide the students and industrial persons with psychological methods which enhances their career in right path

·         Created a “Business Incubator” to focus on early phase start-ups that are in the development phase makes them to achieve a complete developed business model

·         Created an “Idea Incubator” dedicated to ideas and suggestion for their new features and enhancements of the product

·         Launched a “Start-up accelerator” to accelerate the running business model to their maximum potential

·         DP Textiles, Financial Analyst & Advisor

·         Research on “Hinduism is Science” to prove the Hinduism facts with the help of scientific facts

·         Being as a Digital Marketing freelancer  monitors online marketing trends analyze statistics develop strategies for digital marketing campaigns and tracking the campaigns



·        2019 – Present   Career Counseling with human psychological analysis

·        2020 – Present   Placement Trainer (Aptitude Reasoning, English and Personality

·                                    Development)

Objectives of the activity:

·      To create an exposure about business startup

·      To learn about various products with minimum viable

·      To enable students to learn business ethics for startups

·      To enrich knowledge towards of product oriented business startup


Outcome of the activity:

·        Students learnt about various viable products

·        Students gained knowledge on startup business

·        Students got an exposure towards business idea and ethics

·        Students inferred idea on plan and execute about startup business



Key Highlights:


·         Mr. R. Sankaralakshmanan started talking about lean startups.

·         He explained the difference between proof of concept, minimum viable product and minimum marketable product.

·         He explained it with the help of an example of a pizza chain.

·         He also explained in detail about the Business Model Canvas.


Participants Details:
 Total No. of Student Participation: 61
 Total No. of Staff (Teaching / Non-Teaching) Participation: 02  – Teaching
 YouTube Links: NA