On behalf of the department of CS, the mentor meeting for the odd semester 2021– 22 was conducted physically and through online via Google Meet for all the I year, II year  and III year students. All the mentors of the department met their mentees separately. There were 11 Meetings conducted for the Odd Semester.

The mentors encouraged the students to participate in the peer teaching and placement training activities. The mentors shared the college rules and regulations with them. They also shared the importance of mentoring and encouraged the students to participate in Co-Curricular and extracurricular activities of our college. The mentors encouraged the students to participate in the paper presentation during tech-talk session. The mentors appreciated their mentees who cleared many online courses conducted by ICT Academy and Udemy.

          The students shared their grievances and personal problems faced by them. The students requested for providing air conditioning in the academic lab I & academic lab II. They asked us to reduce the duration for each period of the online classes . The students requested to change the college timing for online classes since they felt difficult to concentrate on learning any extra online courses. Girl students asked to allot enough number of seats in the canteen for girls. Students found some problems in accessing the n-list login for doing assignments.