The Department of Computer Science (SSS) inaugurated the department Association “TechnoFest” and also celebrated KarmaveerarKamarajar birthday on 15.07.2021 from 3.00 – 4.00 PM. Students from II & III B.Sc CS (SSS) participated the event through the Google Meet.Mr.ThirupathyRajan from III B.Sc CS welcomed the gathering. Mrs.Anuradha, HoD of B.Sc CS (SSS) inauguratedthe department association “TechnoFest”. The Association members and Secretaries were elected for the academic year 2021 -2022. The details of secretary and Association members were mentioned below.

In order to celebrate the birthday of KarmaveerarKamarajar, several events like drawing, oratory, Verse Writing and Essay Writing were conducted.The comparing was done by Ms.Saraswathy.T.N and Ms.Ramya.R from III B.Sc CS.Students were participated in the events with enthusiastic manner. Mr.Sekereswaran from III B.Sc CS (SSS) outlined various incidents of kamarajar’s life and his service in eradicating illiteracy in tamilnadu. Finally the vote of thanks was proposed by Mr.Pranava Kumar, III B.Sc CS (SSS).

Association Members

  1. Yuvashree(20229)                    – II B.Sc CS(SSS)
  2. Shahithya (20213)                    – II B.Sc CS(SSS)
  3. Badri Narayanan (20239)       – II B.Sc CS(SSS)
  4. NivedhaV (20209)                    – II B.Sc CS(SSS)
  5. Nivedha N (20228)                   – II B.Sc CS(SSS)

Secretary of Association  

Ms.A.M. Swetha (19219)                           – III B.Sc CS(SSS)

Join Secretary of the Association

 Ms. K.K.Subashree (19218)                   – III B.Sc CS(SSS)