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Innovative Practices in IoT & Robotics

Session Details:
Title of the Session : Innovative Practices in IoT & Robotics
Date : 18/06/2022 Duration : 10.00AM to 3.00 PM
Activity Category : IIC Driven Activity Nature of the Session : Physical
Theme : Innovation
Expert / Speaker Details:
Name: Mr.Sriram Nagarajan Designation: Co Founder & CEO
Organisation: Roboram, Nagercoil
Brief about Expert/Speaker: (Highlight points from profile of the expert)


Educational Qualification:

Completed B.E (Robotics & Automation)



·        Project coordinator for CVRD, Chennai Fire & Safety Department, COIR Industry

·        Worked in Industrial Automation Division at Dr. MGR Research Centre, Maduravayol.

·        Founder of Automation Firm (RoboRAM) in 2018.

·        Launched another venture called “RoboRAM Education” in 2020

·        Launched an online learning automation based platform in December, 2022.

·        Created a “Board of Studies” Council to construct the course syllabus based on industrial requirements.

·        Over 8500 people have been trained around the world, and more than 50 institutions have invited him to deliver about industrial knowledge.


·        The Nesans, Technical Associate Engineer & HR – DEC 2017 – MAR 2018

·        Shalwin Power, Project Engineer – APR 2018 – OCT 2018

·        Intech Systems, Automation Engineer – NOV 2018 – MAR 2019

·        DR MGR Research Institute,Industrial Automation Consultant -APR 2019 – MAR 2020

·        RoboRAM Education, Automation Trainer – JAN 2020 – NOW

·        Data Bee, Business Partner – MAR 2020 – NOW



Objectives of the activity:  (minimum four)

·      To create an exposure towards working of IoT and its sensors.

·      To learn about IoT- Home automation applications and its real-time usage.

·      To enable students to learn Robotics and Automation.

·      To enrich knowledge towards working principles of Robotics.


Outcome of the activity: (minimum four)


·        Students learnt about IoT application and working of different types of sensors

·        Students gained knowledge on home automation applications.

·        Students got an exposure towards the real-time working of IoT Device – raspberry

·        Students inferred idea on designing, working and applications of Robotics in various fields


Key Highlights: (minimum four from the talk of expert)


Mr.Sriram Nagarajan, CEO & Founder, RoboRAM, discussed the Scope and importance of IoT in daily life.  The expert enlightened the students on the importance of IoT-based home automation such as, Smartfan, smart refrigerator etc.  He explained the usage of various sensors like Humidity Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Level Sensors.  Also students had a discussion session with the expert and gained ideas on projects related to IoT Home Automation.

Participants Details:
Total No. of Student Participation: 10
Total No. of Staff (Teaching / Non-Teaching) Participation: 03  – Teaching
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